Why an Entrepreneur is a good project manager?

“Leadership, management ability, and team-building to be essential qualities of an entrepreneur.”– Robert B.Reich

Start-ups fail when entrepreneurs fail to see themselves as project managers of their companies. Project managers define their scope, plan, manage stakeholders, navigate issues and risks and ensures planning and budgeting comes hand-in-hand.

New entrepreneurs need to act the role of a project manager to their employees. This is due to limited time and resources the company has at the beginning. Through communicating and leading your team just like a project manager, entrepreneurs are able to optimize, track and efficiently complete a project. Start-ups with great ideas have failed to have project manager entrepreneurs as their founders.

Besides being a project manager to your team, you’d have to plan around your budget even if you managed to nab a few investors. This is because you’d need to justify the amount you spent on their investments versus the potential returns. If you aren’t on top of your accounts and ROI, you’d lose your current investors’ trust and future investors would be difficult to convince.

Understanding the importance of being a project manager for your company and learning how to be a good project manager is simpler than it seems. Just contact us at tempo@braatheenterprises.com or set-up a call at http://meetme.so/RobertBraatheWe are here for you anywhere and anytime. 




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