Need a Last Minute Speaker or Facilitator for Your Meeting or Convention? Call Braathe

Robert Braathe has filled in as an emergency professor, facilitator, meeting facilitator and workshop presenter for conferences and colleges. If you have an upcoming event at places like the Albany Capital Center Desmond Hotel Saratoga City Center or any other location within 1 hour of Saratoga Springs, NY, contact Robert at 518-290-0812

Use Your iPhone More Efficiently and Effectively for Business

Do you find you are spending too many hours a day using your phone? Let’s talk about ways you can use your phone more efficiently and effectively using some of the best productivity and business apps. Schedule a one on one sessions or a workshop for you and your team by calling 518-290-0812 or emailingContinue reading “Use Your iPhone More Efficiently and Effectively for Business”

Stroll To Success With The Right Soft Skills

From an entrepreneurial perspective, a person’s set of skills can be categorised into two groups; hard and soft skills. Hard skills are job specific qualifications or knowledge that enables a person to perform their job. They are gained from professional experience, education or training programs. Hard skills are crucial as it allows for specialisations inContinue reading “Stroll To Success With The Right Soft Skills”

Why an Entrepreneur is a good project manager?

“Leadership, management ability, and team-building to be essential qualities of an entrepreneur.”– Robert B.Reich Start-ups fail when entrepreneurs fail to see themselves as project managers of their companies. Project managers define their scope, plan, manage stakeholders, navigate issues and risks and ensures planning and budgeting comes hand-in-hand. New entrepreneurs need to act the role ofContinue reading “Why an Entrepreneur is a good project manager?”

10 steps to deliver a pitch that makes investors want to invest in you immediately

New entrepreneurs struggle to deliver a well-tailored yet succinct and concise pitch. Below are our tips and points of consideration for a pitch that will draw investors and convince them to commit in your idea. 1. Investors will stereotype you We may assume investors judge us based on our merits and over careful thinking. TheContinue reading “10 steps to deliver a pitch that makes investors want to invest in you immediately”

Holiday Deals – Training for Your Business – Capital Region of New York

Want to lock in some business training for 2019 for you and your team? Prepay for 4 90 minute sessions, 10 90 minute sessions, or a package of 30 hours of training usable anytime within the first 6 months of 2019. Offer ends 12/01/2018. Visit to sign up.

6 Tips for New Entrepreneurs

It’s hard being your own boss and having your own company for the first time. It’s exciting and scary. Once that excitement boils over, new entrepreneurs feel lost at the start, along the way and as they try to build up their company. Here are 6 tips if you are new to entrepreneurship. 1.Strong unwaveringContinue reading “6 Tips for New Entrepreneurs”

7 Tips for writing a Good Business Plan

A good, concise and easily understandable business plan is essential before even starting your business. It is crucial in ensuring the success of your start-up and in winning over the minds of investors. Here are the 7 Tips for writing a good business plan: 1.Research Research on structure, marketing strategies and finances of your business.Continue reading “7 Tips for writing a Good Business Plan”

How to keep, and attain the right skills for your business

  Keeping your business running ahead of your competitors is more difficult than before. A possible strategy to that is assessing the skills your business hires, and compartmentalizing them into the right areas of your business.  Your employees’ skills are your assets that makes your product/ service better. Here are ways to attain the rightContinue reading “How to keep, and attain the right skills for your business”