Need a Last Minute Speaker or Facilitator for Your Meeting or Convention? Call Braathe

Robert Braathe has filled in as an emergency professor, facilitator, meeting facilitator and workshop presenter for conferences and colleges. If you have an upcoming event at places like the Albany Capital Center Desmond Hotel Saratoga City Center or any other location within 1 hour of Saratoga Springs, NY, contact Robert at 518-290-0812

Use Your iPhone More Efficiently and Effectively for Business

Do you find you are spending too many hours a day using your phone? Let’s talk about ways you can use your phone more efficiently and effectively using some of the best productivity and business apps. Schedule a one on one sessions or a workshop for you and your team by calling 518-290-0812 or emailingContinue reading “Use Your iPhone More Efficiently and Effectively for Business”

Holiday Deals – Training for Your Business – Capital Region of New York

Want to lock in some business training for 2019 for you and your team? Prepay for 4 90 minute sessions, 10 90 minute sessions, or a package of 30 hours of training usable anytime within the first 6 months of 2019. Offer ends 12/01/2018. Visit to sign up.

TEMPO Business Training (by Braathe Enterprises) offers a series of professional, curriculum based and customized workshops and classes for you and your business. Subject matter areas include: Business Communications Customer Service Entrepreneurship Hospitality Project Management, including Time Management, Quality Management Contact us at Setup a call to discuss your training needs at BusinessContinue reading